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Private Aircraft Charter Service by Airlogic

Fly with private aircraft charter service by Airlogic.

With our private air charter service you get the flexibility to fly directly to your destination. Fly to more than 400 airports in India, when you want, where you want, and with whom you want. Improve your productivity and of your team, conduct business meetings right in the aircraft on the way to your destination.

Leave all the hassle of the commercial air travel behind, no zig-zag along their hub, changing routes or landing on multiple airports, it triples your timing moreover when you are on for a business meeting being with some 300 strangers doesn’t comforts you.

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Features of Private Aircraft Charter Service

  • Air-Charter-Service-Cessna-Citation-CJ2-DelhiComfort: Forget those crowded airport lines you have to wait, start your trip relaxed, knowing you can board your aircraft quickly and easily with the crew members taking care of your luggage. Use the quiet, secure cabin environment to rest, enjoy the meal and prepare for an upcoming meeting.
  • Efficiency: Our Private Air Charter Service would always make sure that you reach at your destination on time. The efficiency of a private air charter service in terms of time is always higher as compared to commercial airlines. The biggest time saving of a private jet is the unnecessary waiting when you are still on the ground.
  • Flexibility: Reach at any place where you want, when you want with whom you want, private air charter gives you the flexibility to plan, arrange or prepare for your meeting without any disturbances.
  • Privacy: With private air charter you can enjoy your privacy without any disturbances you don’t have to worry about strangers or anything you don’t want anyone to get involved in, enjoy your privacy alone, with business person, families or with whomsoever you want.
  • Security: Now if we talk about the security concerns . The private jet pilots are termed to be the best one because the only best pilots are recruited for this position

Benefits of Using Aircraft Charter Service from Airlogic

  • Private-Aircraft-Charter-ServiceArrive Fresh and instyle at your destination
  • Always arrive at your prefered time. Business man usually prefers time instead of money, their time, comfort matters a lot.
  • With access to more than 400 plus airports in India. Fly directly to or closer to your destination.
  • Reduce ground transportation time and requirement for night halts.
  • You don’t have to wait in the queue while boarding or deboarding you can have your privacy uninterrupted and maintained.
  • Flying with private Air charter also saves passengers from stress and frustration of going through those long security lines.
  • All the aircraft’s you will fly are meticulously maintained as per DGCA Standards.
  • All Pilots and flight crew are properly licensed and highly experienced and professional.

Private-Air-Charter-Booking-ServiceLocations We serve

We can offer our aircraft charter service across India from our base in New Delhi. Including locations like Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Dharamshala, Shimla, Srinagar, Agra, Jaipur, Bhopal, Ahmadabad, Mumbai, Indore, Dehradun, Lucknow, Chennai, Bangalore, Nagpur, Kolkata, Mangalore, Pune, Nasik, Varanasi and more

For Complete list of airports where we can operate, please click here

How to book a Private Jet Aircraft Charter Flight With Us?

Booking a private jet charter flight with us is simple.

  1. Just contact us via our phone number +91-9069-118-108 or fill in the booking form on our website. Provide us some basic information about the flight like, Place of Departure, Destination, Flight date and time and number of passengers and your contact details.
  2. Our team will work out a best solution for your need and share it with you.
  3. Just chose your favorite option.
  4. Make advance deposit and we are ready for the flight.

Book a charter aircraft today

So don’t wait any longer for having the journey of your life with the most stylish and luxurious air charter service in India and travel with style, hiring aircrafts from Airlogic. Don’t put yourselves through the tiresome procedure of travelling through those apparently unsophisticated and highly unpredictable commercial flight services, get a taste of ultimate luxury, comfort and privacy with Air Charter Services by Charter Plus. For more information about our private aircraft charter service, call us today at +91-9069-118-108 or email us at

Cost of booking an aircraft charter flight?

Cost of private air charter flight depend on various factors like type of aircraft, ferry time, airport and handling charges, watch hours, waiting time, night halt etc.

Usually we charge minimum 2 hours per day.

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