Air Ambulance Fight Service

Air-Ambulance-Flight-ServiceAir Ambulance Flight Service Across India

Airlogic now provides an exemplary air ambulance flight service for patients across locations in India. Our service is available to everyone whose illness or injury needs constant monitoring and prevents them from flying by commercial airline. Our Air Ambulance Service available also to patients who need to be transported home or to another location in a timely manner. We will provide trained medical staff to accompany you or your loved one if necessary. We can have a stretcher and any other needed medical equipment on board at your request or the request of your medical professional. We can also arrange ground transportation to and from airport on request.

How to to book an Air Ambulance Flight with us?

For Booking an Air Ambulance Flight, please call us on +91-9069-118-108.

When you or your representative call to arrange a medical flight, our trained staff member will help take as much stress as possible out of your already stressful situation. He/she will walk you through the booking process, will ask the necessary questions, and collect the necessary information.

When you call, please keep the following information ready.

  • Place from where patient need to be lifted
  • Place where, patient need to be transported.
  • Expected date and time of departure
  • Current condition of the patient.
  • Requirement for Any Emergency Equipment
  • Doctor Required on Board
  • Whether Indian or Foreigner
  • Number of Passengers, wish to travel along

Transportation of Non Critically ill patients and of relatives

In addition to providing emergency medical air transportation for those critically ill or injured patients, Airlogic provides non-emergency air transportation for patients who need to be taken to medical facilities and/or appointments in other locations across India. This service is available to patients who need to travel with medical provisions such as oxygen equipment, and to patients with physical disabilities that would make traveling by ground transportation too tedious and uncomfortable. Traveling to facilities and appointments with Airlogic helps to eliminate both the physical and emotional stress of this type of travel.

We additionally offer air transport for members of families who may be living in a nursing facility and want to go home for a visit. Depending upon the distance they need to travel, air transport often becomes the best way to go. However, commercial travel may not be a viable option because of physical disabilities or other medical situations that might exist. We will provide affordable, safe, and comfortable transportation for that family member, both to and from the facility for the desired length of their visit.

Locations Where We Provide Air Ambulance Service

We provide can Provide Air Ambulance Flight From Almost all the airports across India from our Base in Delhi. However, we would like to specifically mention these City. Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Nagpur, Indore, Gawahati, Siliguri Lucknow, Kanpur, Chennai, Patna, Raipur and moe

Cost of Air Ambulance Flight

Cost of Air Ambulance is depend on several factors including

  • Type of Aircraft offered
  • Base of aircraft,
  • Neatreast aircraft Availability
  • Departure and Destination Station
  • Aircraft Capacity
  • Airport Charges
  • Doctor and Emergency crew and Equipment Requirement

Our air ambulance service is available to our clients 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are here to assist you in determining the best way to transport, whether you are the patient or you are arranging transportation for a loved one. We will provide information for you about any discounts or cost saving options that you might be able to take advantage of. If a connecting flight is necessary, we will look into whether or not we can provide a way that will save you money on a transfer.